By Member Chip Jewell
November 4, 2019

New Libertytown Ambulance in Service

The Libertytown Volunteer Fire Department has placed in service a 2019 Ford 550 Horton 4 wheel drive ambulance to enhance emergency medical services to the Libertytown response area. The ambulance includes several advanced safety features including an all four side camera system to allow the driver to see all areas surrounding the ambulance, patient compartment air bag system, an advanced patient cot secure system and a computerized liquid suspension system to improve the ride.

With the extensive rural area covered by the Libertytown Volunteer Fire Department that includes several dirt roads and numerous farm lanes, the department upgraded the new ambulance to a 4 wheel drive chassis to help response to difficult terrain and weather conditions.
The new ambulance is being purchased with donations raised in the community and surrounding area. The annual fall fund drive of the Libertytown Volunteer Fire Department will begin in November and focus on raising funds specifically to help pay for the new ambulance.