By Member Chip Jewell
January 10, 2020

In the next few months, the Libertytown Volunteer Fire Department will be conducting our annual door-to-door fund drive in the Libertytown Volunteer Fire Department response area to supplement our annual mail-in Holiday Fund Drive. The door-to-door fund campaign will be conducted by Volunteer Community Safety, an organization we have utilized over the past several years, on behalf of the Libertytown Volunteer Fire Department. Each representative is authorized to collect on behalf of the Libertytown Volunteer Fire Department and will have identification as well as an authorization letter from the fire department.

This year, our mail out Holiday Fund Drive and door-to-door fund raising campaign will concentrate on raising funds towards the new 2019 Ford Horton 4 Wheel Drive ambulance we purchased in October. The vehicle cost of $250,000 includes several safety enhancements as well as 4 wheel drive to enable a more efficient response in adverse weather conditions or on rural settings. In addition, we continue fund the debt on our building addition, 2017 fire engine purchase and recent upgrade to our rescue engine.


We sincerely appreciate the financial support of our community. Thanks to everyone that contributes in any way to annual fund drive efforts. Questions or concerns can be emailed to