By Member Chip Jewell
November 20, 2019

The 2019 fund drive of the Libertytown Volunteer Fire Department kicks off on November 20 with a direct mailing to all residents that live in the Libertytown Volunteer Fire Department district. This year we are focusing our fund raising efforts to help financially support the new
2019 Ford Horton Ambulance placed in service in October. The new ambulance features a 4 wheel drive chassis to assist in response during inclement weather and on rough terrain. The new ambulance has several advanced safety features including a 4 side camera system, patient compartment air bag system, and new power cot system.

In addition, Rescue Engine 171 is undergoing substantial rehab to help us extend the life of the fire engine an additional 10 - 15 years. These two projects alone cost over $350,000. We continue the debt load of our building construction that was initially over $2,000,000. We are able to continue to improve our emergency service delivery because of the tremendous support we receive throughout the year.
The money donated to the Libertytown Volunteer Fire Department stays in your community to serve YOU!!

In addition to our direct mail fund raising campaign, we will also be conducting our annual door - to - door solicitation beginning later this year.

The members of the Libertytown Volunteer Fire Department sincerely thank you for your continued financial support to serve you!!

Attachment Fund Letter 2019.pdf  (2,505k)